Saturday, August 31, 2013

The final test

Do you know the feeling of anxiety just before an exam or your final driving test? Your palms are sweaty, your knees are about to give and your breathing shortens down as if you've been buried alive and are waiting for someone to hopefully dig you up in time. Yes, it sounds like a crime drama, and that was the way it felt. The tip of my nerves felt like they were piercing through my skin.

The difference between my daily work as a teacher and working as an artist is very clear. No one can actually see the result of my teachings before we test the students, while the artwork is right in front of you - you either like it or you don't. I was convinced no one would ever lay eyes on my collection of works. 

The event was grande if only for a day. Quite original too in a way. The local engine factory, which has manufactured engines for ships and trawlers for over a hundred years had invited us ( and I) to exhibit in the actual factory hall. So there, between windmill gearboxes and engines of all sorts were our paintings. It was a completely new way to look at them for me, but it felt good. The perferct backdrop for smudgy motifs with a street twist.

Many people came by to have a look, especially old factory workers bringing their wives, children and grand children. They seemed disturbed by this oddity of 'art' appearing in between tools and oily spare parts.

To sum it up, the sweaty palms and the nausea disappeared as the event unfolded. It was a great experience, even though I still felt like a fish out of water. The point is to not give up, but instead force yourself to go with the flow and the experience of laying yourself bare in front of strangers - people will enjoy your work.