Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Accidental Bomb

I am alone this week. The kids are off on holiday at their father's, while I’m off from working at the school this week. I’ve spent a lot of hours in the studio since the new canvas arrived a few days ago, and this time I've tried to focus even harder on preparation. Returning to the canvas makes me feel much more confident though. Also adding in the colors during the basic layering that at first may seem out of sorts, but I know they fit in there. And for some reason, I've had the perspective lines in my mind for this canvas all along, even though I've always thought lines can become constrictive to the flow of the motif. 

While photographing the particulars of the painting, I suddenly realized the dark objective working for me this time. Even though I'm having fun, I can't get rid of the images from the time of my childhood in the last stages of Cold War Europe, the 1980'ies. Perhaps induced by the two children that immediately appeared in the front of the painting. Memories of Jim and Hilda's hopeless struggle to survive the nuclear war in "When the Wind Blows" and a more humorous *Land of Confusion" by Genesis have filled me up, Despite the fact that the children are walking down Hope Street, the sky carries a strange atomic discoloration. The sun seems to have been placed with wires or bars as if to be kept in place to maintain an illusion. I don't know where in my mind this all originated from, but for some reason it seems all too relevant these days. 

Then North Korea decided to see if their bomb still works earlier yesterday. I must admit that I was a bit bewildered - was it a premonition or just a coincidence? It's a good thing the kids in the painting have a ladder to climb, even though it's rather high up.

To not get too dim I want to share this Spitting Image working with Genesis... Smile and work towards the future where we will perhaps be able to trust each other and our leaders.

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