Saturday, February 16, 2013

Illusional Tidiness

It's been an interesting process in the studio this week. I've applied a few new techniques and am still working on the canvas. I'm curious as to when it is finished. I already have the next one sketched out in my mind. And Trine has mentioned something new to me - the Dutch method of patient painting? I had to laugh, but as she explained it, it seemed very close to what I do - thin layers applied somewhere between 5 to 35 times. It's funny when you believe you're original in your ideas, and then someone tells you, it's already been done and has a name as well. Lol!

Recently I finally removed one of the kitchen drawers which had the primary task of storing all the stuff, I had no other place to put. When moving into our flat three years ago I told myself it was okay to have such a drawer. For the past three months I had barely been able to close it properly as it was overloaded with weird stuff. Ear plugs, old mobile phone chargers, old stickers with toddler motifs, hardened and useless sticky tack etc. Three quarters of which is now in the bin - phew! I have now turned it into a proper office drawer - storing simple office supplies that you might need in the kitchen on a daily basis. After all the kitchen is where we spend most of our time together. 

While I was overwhelmed with feeling good about myself, my decisiveness and finally giving all those lifestyle experts*  a good run for their money, I discovered how my entire week has been full of getting rid of old stuff and decluttering my mind and home. The book case is good to go again, the children's room etc. Not that no one ever noticed the chaos or clutter, because like so many others I am an expert at creating the illusion of being tidy.

My point is basically that springtime is upon us - time to look for an easier and brighter approach to enjoy life. I'm not going to give you advise on how to do that, as there are so many more competent people out there doing that. Just google 'lifestyle change'... I'm just going to tell you about the development in my art which will hopefully evolve into earning me a proper income some day.

*) ...who send me emails daily on how to change my life - I'm realizing that I'm fine, thank you very much, and have applied the needed changes right for us before signing up for all the expert's advice!

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