Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dogs of Lust

The piece I'm working on at the moment has changed appearances many times, again with a bit of the old left to live on in the new. This one used to be called 'The Meat District', but rather soon changed to 'Power of Love'. 

It's now very different - at one point I was about to discard it like so many others, but have come to enjoy the simplicity of its wild base tuning in with the new surfaces. No matter what the old working titles were, it was always a question of developing its true purpose. I've used quite a bit of charcoal with this, which I've missed working with after the Zoology-pieces of 8. In the piece you'll find two ancient Native American dogs, which have been added with glue.

The background was inspired by a mix of a certain pre-WW2 flag and the colors of the ads and commercials of the 70'ies and 80'ies. I added quite a few layers of acrylics mixed with water, after which came the pasting of neon-acrylics. You have to wait between each pasting before the true effect of each layer comes out after having dried. And each wait makes it even more fun to continue. 

This town is shrinking by the minute... Darkness is all around - color explosions are perhaps what we need.

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