Sunday, December 16, 2012

The turning point

Things have been very quiet in the studio these past three weeks. Due to a painter's block which I think originated in some serious changes in my personal life, I had no desire to pick up a brush. Until today. It occurred to me how this event had actually dragged me down emotionally, when I returned to priming canvas' and getting on with the painting, I left so long ago. I felt guilty for having left the studio with no wish to return. 

A series of 20x20cm canvas'...
As I was working today, I contemplated on the simpleness in priming the canvas' that I'm going to work on next. Planning the series of small paintings. I like the white surfaces on which the uncertain will appear soon enough. I like the utter blankness and not feeling any sort of pressure to apply colors, textures or anything at all. 

Christmas is upon us. This year my children are celebrating it with me and my parents here in our small flat. The tree is being collected tomorrow. I know we'll have a brilliant time all of us, but I have made no preparations what so ever yet. In Denmark we have Christmas dinner on the 24th of December in the evening, after which most people dance around the tree and sing a few carols. Then we open presents and have a peaceful evening. 

I know life goes up and down. Sometimes you lose motivation, but trust it to come back. Your brain works out for you how to get on. All the love and togetherness in our lives make out the glue that holds us together. Our emotions and melancholy can bring us down when losing sight of what seemed to be within reach. Trust your brain - it will sort you out!

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