Friday, December 7, 2012


These days are spent planning absolutely nothing. This has been going on for a few weeks now. Also doing nothing apart from daily rutines. Like most artists I too fall into these slumps, or sometimes I feel pushed. That's not the issue here. The first couple of times I was convinced that they were the end of my creativeness. For days and weeks I'd sit with my face hidden behind my hands in disgrace of having lost the 'ability'. 

Now a days I'm comfortable while they last. I relax and let go, in stead of pressuring myself into working in the studio - when nothing comes from it. This has given me time to do a bit of Christmas baking, making a few hearts from self-hardening clay to decorate the windows with and catching up with friends from near and far. 

There are quite a few blogs and forums out there on the topic, which I suppose will calm down the majority of struggling in-slumps. I luckily found that I practice more than one of the suggestions on some of the lists giving advice to painters stuck. So today I tidied up the studio, cleaned brushes, sorted colors and even cleaned a bit. 

It becomes a ritual to enjoy the simpleness of  doing nothing - deciding to not get stressed by the situation - instead chilling out knowing that one day the inspiration will return. The urge to do something all the time derives from our upbringing and culture - don't just sit there, do something! Breathe. Simply remember to breathe.

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