Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wrestling the Elephant

About 18 months ago I was still using my flat, the kitchen counter and living room, as my studio, which was hectic, but cozy enough. And more warm compared to the cold attic room, that often cools down. This is one of three creations, which were an experiment for me. 

'Wrestling the Elephant' (20 x 20 cm, canvas)
I had seen a friend and fellow local artist do amazing things with applying spray paint on top of a very liquid solution of acrylic paint - almost a puddle floating on top of the canvas. After spraying the acrylic solution, I'd wiggle it a bit, use a match to draw out different patterns etc. 

This particular one was partly Ditte's doing, so credit to her. The three pieces are now living in my mothers home, as they were a Mother's Day gift to her. Although... I haven't seen them mounted on any wall, yet (it's only been two and half years). But we had fun and it was a useful process to me, although I'd be very careful about adding spray paint on top of any acrylic based painting. They tend to peel and crack over time. 

PS: Ditte used to have a website, but I am afraid I can't locate it anymore. The link above refers to her rather limited site on Facebook.

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