Saturday, November 10, 2012


My new hangout
Recently I joined flickr and quickly came across the photographer, Alexis Mire. Her work is captivating and enchanting in a fairy tale-style, I haven't seen very often since my youth. I particularly enjoy going through her 365 collection and find a lot of inspiration for my changing view on our daily life and my own creativity.

I never used flickr before, but must emphasize what a great exchange and meeting place it is. Compared to other social media, this is actually the perfect place to meet & greet artists of all nationalities, all sorts of art genres and exchange not only appraisals, but also experiences and again - to get your name out there!

Favorite colors of the moment
Decorating the store windows in my mum's exclusive yarn shop is a treat, because she chooses to use my paintings as backdrops for the items put on display. The colors of the lovely yarns we choose are a fine supplement to emphasize the shades in my work. I don't think my mum actually understands what I'm doing, but she enjoys working with me and I with her on this level. 

It's become clear to me that I really have dived into neon-greens and orange, along with a deep purplish pink. I do think though that I have fallen in love with silver, which accentuates a lot of the dominating colors.

'More' (100 x 140 cm acrylics on canvas)
Another old canvas landed in the studio after the redecorating session. Strong colors such as blue, white, red and a hint of James Bond makes it a challenge to finish - again like with the last one, I have that feeling that something is missing from it. Everybody simply calls it the blood-dripping painting... 

Today I’ve begun using the OmmWriter Dāna I for Mac. It’s a brilliant app with built-in music composed to spur calm and creative thinking, and it turns your entire screen into a background for writing, so all other distractions such as your email alerts, the ever-tempting browser-surf and the clock disappear, when you open the app. It limits my flutter and helps me focus, when I need it. And it’s free, although I have decided buying the whole package, because this helps me and for that, the creators will get their money.

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