Wednesday, November 21, 2012


After having had a rather strange day - again - I am posting this as today's contribution to the AEDM by Leah Kolides, so go on and sign up, if you're an artist or merely creative! 

'Movember' - 2010
It was made two years ago for a group of very good friends, all male, who shared a flat in the high street next to the one I live in. They were all contracting here as engineers being bought in for their skills, which can't be found anywhere around here. 

They brought my attention to something, which hasn't really caught on in Denmark yet, except for the larger city areas, which is the MovemberAn awareness month for a male charity, e.g. prostate and testicular cancer and to raise money for research as well. They joined as a group and called themselves Team Okely Dokely (hint Flanders from The Simpsons), and all grew their own mo' the entire month. Some more successful than others. 

Most of them had fun with it, while others suffered to endure the torment of not being able to shave their upper lip and therefor struggled with their honor and not losing face. Following the strict rules and acting like a gentleman for the entire month, as a man with a mo' should, came along with the feeling of looking ridiculous for a few of them. On the 30th of November, they had a fancy dress party for all their friends, and I had to come up with the perfect gift... 

The result was this collage including some of the most famous, infamous and prominent 'taches on the planet. It was fun to work with, although I only had about 24 hours to do it in. I was working day and night, but also knew it would be worth it. I dedicated it to the three boys living in the flat, which is why they appear a few places in the piece along with their personal Movember business cards.

It's basically a collage on canvas. The last time I saw it was last summer, mounted on a black brick wall - and I felt proud. They have all left now, but one - some have gone back to the UK, some to Australia and some have taken to the road to see the world. I respect them so much for having made an effort. I will never forget them. The last one, one of my closest friends, leaves on the 30th Movember.

Some of the 'taches are Tom Berenger, John Cleese, General Custer, Edgar Allen Poe and Frida Khalo. Which ones can you find?

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