Thursday, November 22, 2012


It has been a complex week. So many things are changing, and I’m letting them, as I think I need the new perspective and look on life. I had to take a few unexpected turns, only to realize that I still have to stick to the path, I was already on. Not that there’s no room for looking in other directions while on the way. Keeping focus is simply just very good right now.

Give credit, where credit is due
Since joining Leah Kolides’ AEDM (Art Every Day Month) and CEDC (Creative Every Day Challenge), I’ve been introduced to a wonderful person and artist - Kirstin McCulloch, who owns and runs the blog ’Listening to the Squeak Inside’ and LilliBean Art. I had not imagined a total stranger to step up and help me with boring technical questions, but she’s walked me through some to me complicated stuff. Now I am wiser and we're not strangers to each other anymore! Thank you, Kristin.

(100 x 140cm, acrylic & charcoal on canvas, DKK 3000,.)
No More
The staring competition has come to an end. Last night I put the finishing touches on it and it’s not going to change anymore. Nor stare at me. Meanwhile another has been brought back - the ’Power’ piece looks very different now, as I decided to redo it, although I’ve kept the Native American hounds and the headline in it. More on this next time, I hope.

My boyfriend is visiting from the UK at the moment, and this frees up a lot of time for me. He is a wonder - he cooks, does laundry, cleans and fixes stuff, so that I only have to focus on being with my kids or work in the studio, when I’m home. He’s very good at helping me with keeping the focus and inspiring me to try new things out.

Prints are on the agenda next - and how to get hold of some with my artwork...

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