Friday, November 30, 2012

Fighting the Bull

Today is the last day in the AEDM and I'm contributing with a bullfight of sorts. In this case I mean it more metaphorically than one might think - as most artists often do. 

'Fighting the Bull' (20 x 20cm acrylic/aerosol, canvas)
Today it's been proven to me that if you're in a crisis inflicted by some outer force and manage to stay strong, eventually you will come out stronger and thus have won the struggle for something better. No matter how big that bull first appeared in its fight against you.

I have to add that I am in no way a supporter of the bull-fights - there's actually nothing I hate more! But I will say that my best friend is perhaps the best matador on the planet! She's had to pay dearly for it, but has come out the winner. Well done, Trine!

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