Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Creative Every Day Challenge - for a month
A no-pressure challenge where you can post, whenever you have something to post, run by Leah Kolides seems to be just what I need here in November, where everything is a bit grey and dull. I became aware of her and her work through one of Chris Guillebeau's publishings. I adore her colorful style as well as her talks on her experiences with becoming a full-time artist. 

The old blood-dripping piece ’More’ still sits in my studio, staring at me - I try to ignore it, but tend to find myself staring back at it. Like in a competition, where one of us will eventually have to give up. I can only get to the studio after the sun's gone down these days, as I have late meetings at the school. Fortunately, I have a great artificial light above the canvas, so it is possible to work at night, but this staring at each other must come to an end first.

I’ve ventured into a new area of art; last weekend I bought a starter kit for sketching, which I’ve never really done any of. I only got it in order to work a bit more on the different ideas I get during the days, but as soon as I unwrapped it, I found myself doodling away on my logo. 

A dear friend, who’s now moved to Australia, gave me this idea for making my own stamp. I still want to go a bit more hardcore, as these look printed from a computer typing program. It is a long process and the results so far are simply try outs, but I like the sketching in it self. 
My boyfriend, who is turning out to be an encyclopedia and lovely assistant at the same time, showed me how to do my own chart of the different types of pencils. I’m still learning, but what a great idea. 

These are my contribution to being creative every day, today.

Have a great day!