Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nobody knows...

After a couple of days filled to the brim with distractions, I've settled down with morning coffee, a calmer mind and plenty of ideas to put in this blog. The kids are off to school and I won't have to go for another hour.

'Edith' (100 x 140cm)
The hecticness of it all derives from a lot of things, which I'm certain other people are no strangers to in this day and age. Juggling a job to accumulate a sufficient income, kids, ex-husband, household, my parents and my true work, painting, is becoming a challenge, that I somehow have to learn how to tackle. It can drive me into a dim mental darkness, if I start thinking too much about what I want, but haven't got - where I should count my blessings on my way to achieving, what I want out of life. Since my divorce I've taken up painting again, and I find so much fulfillment in that, that I have decided to make it my future. Before actually having sold five pieces since last summer, I thought of it as a hobby. One day, I realized that I could stick them in one of the many empty shops here in town. 
Putting myself out there
So I spoke to the landlady of the one opposite my house, which is in a pedestrian highstreet. Loads of shoppers daily. She was very accommodating to my request and even gave me a key to access the place my self, re-arrange the exhibit, when I saw fit. Stuck a notice in the window how to reach me... Before I knew it - I think only two weeks had passed, I sold my first two pieces. Of course with a discount, because the customers - a local couple - bought two. 
'Cold Core Fusion' (100 x 140cm)
Then a long time passed, the tourists came and went, loads of interested people. Sold a small piece to a friend, who borrowed it first to see, if she could live with it. Eventually, she found out, she could. Meanwhile I spent a lot of energy working on older pieces, to make them ready for a sale, even 'copied' one piece, which my children prohibited me from selling. The minute it was put on display in the shop, it was sold off along with another piece. The tourists, who bought them, were from Germany, and I prided myself in reaching a more international audience. Perhaps one of my most nervous moments, when standing in front of a group of 6 customers, examining each painting, viewing them over and over, asking me a lot of questions about them - and then buying two! I was sweating for several hours after that sale. 
It's been quiet for some time now without sales. I have spent this time working on a Facebook-fanpage for the artwork, with only a few followers, but I don't mind. If they join it organically, I assume it's the best way of knowing, if people actually do like my work. Also, I'm trying to construct a website, which is the more tricky part. It takes time and also money, which I'd rather spend on materials, but if I want it....

The point is, that no one really knows of me yet. It gives me a sense of security mixed with frustration. Because I do really want to get out there, but all in due time. Meanwhile I will work on sorting out the 'hecticness' and try to manage life in a fashionable manner, as they say.

Off to work...

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